November 7, 2014

While I Was Gone: Part Two

cannesjames2 our adventure is a blur of champagne and laughter that ignites on a rooftop perched high above the riviera. dusk finally releases its grip as we pick our way across the cobbled streets below. the air is still and thick. bottles arrive, are drained, new ones replace them.

back on the rooftop, you pull me towards a hidden ladder. we scale it quietly until sprawled out below us is an electrifying landscape of light, fire, life. we couldn’t possibly get any higher.

October 12, 2014

While I Was Gone: Part One


a flash of light. a cluster of timed explosions, white then blue then white again. shouts and cheers; a moment of absolute silence. somewhere far away an accordion floats in and out of earshot.

his shoulder blade peaks for a moment and pauses; a streak of light appears briefly to illuminate an eyebrow, a cheekbone, an arm. suddenly it’s dark but we don’t fumble. the noises are getting closer: a hum of slurred shouts, laughter, a glass breaking, a motor churning through the water. a swift hand appears above my neck and makes contact; gentle and warm for two breaths, hot and heavy after the third. we sink further down and amidst the sudden explosion of light beyond the window i can see him clearly for what he is.

August 26, 2014

dear cosmo


Apparently it’s National Dog Day today. So Dear Cosmo: thank you for the last four years of fluff, sass and smiles. Life is infinitely more fun and messy with you.

August 13, 2014

Grown Up PB&J


Omnom. This is so good. You need to make this now. Organic smooth peanut butter whipped with coconut cream and honey until it’s super light and fluffy. Then amazing Kitten & the Bear strawberry + elderflower jam. Then local strawbs. NOM.

August 3, 2014

Recipe: Jammy Banana Muffins (grain free)

Jammy Muffins

I luuuuuuurf summer. Warm nights, glorious sunshine, long afternoons sipping lemonades on patios, sticking your toes in dewy grass – so good! But one of the greatest – if not the absolute greatest – rewards of summer is all of the fresh produce spilling out of market barrels and into the hands of wannabe gourmands like me.

Long story short, amongst one of my recent hauls: bananas, strawberries and currants. A strange combo, but a delicious one. So I decided to whip up some hearty, healthy muffins.

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July 30, 2014

Recipe: Cheddar Loaf w/ Bacon + Zucchini (gluten free)

Cheddar Loaf

My one and only big sister has been living far away in New Zealand for awhile now, and I miss her dearly every day. Over a text conversation last week we agreed to an ongoing challenge - partly to keep us connected while so far apart, partly to put our restless creative energy to good use. Naturally, all paths lead to food, and so we agreed to an ongoing ingredient challenge. First up: cheese. After an unnecessary amount of time collecting recipe inspiration, I settled on a cheese-packed breakfast loaf.

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